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The Super Lemon Haze gets its name from its similarly lively as well as vibrant parents - Lemon Skunk & Super Silver Haze. Super Lemon Haze feminized seeds from Greenhouse Seeds are the result of a cautious going across of a Super Silver Haze with a Lemon Skunk that offers it a fir-like structure with a great deal of production. Super Lemon Haze is a Sativa-leaning crossbreed with an enjoyable head high mixed with a pleasant feeling of inner peace that leaves you kicked back yet not thrown. The fragrance of Super Lemon Haze is citric, intense and lengthy lasting and also is discovered in between a mix between lemon and flower acids. The Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds has a blooming period of 70 days in interior plants and will certainly prepare in mid-October outdoors. Taking it a notch better, the Super Lemon Haze has a charitable quantity of coated crystalline and heavy amount of clear as well as resinous trichomes. And that's not it, the Super Lemon Haze also requires an excellent quantity of THC, almost verging on greater than 25%. Keep in mind that such a substantial amount of THC can bubble up anxiety and panic thoughts, so keep well within the limits of your tolerance. The buds have a glowing eco-friendly colour with a mix of yellow and orangish pistils, offering it a sophisticated spin and yet keeping it true to the classic lemony appearance of the cannabis. The twist is a one to crave, trigger' truthfully this set isn't simply a pretty face. Proceeding from the buds of the stress, the leaves are impressive and similarly stimulating with a long, extending size as well as a lively eco-friendly shade. Moving on to its expanding conditions, the pressure is one such which does not require a lot of attention however may require assistance during flowering. Despite the fact that amateur cultivators are not extremely keen on growing it, it is an interesting strain to grow. The Super Lemon Haze changes well to the interior along with exterior arrangement, though you might wish to think about that its Sativa family tree changes right into an astonishing height. If grown outdoors, unrestricted, the strain is understood to spread its root framework and also provide an almost tree-like height with incredible yield.


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